Sponsor's Duck

Uniquely Unicorn

Understand that this Unique duck will do its best to be undefeatable!

Sponsored by: 横山郷土記念館

Turbo Turtle

Today will be the day that Turbo Turtle will live up to his name!

Sponsored by: さくら学園SEI認定こども園

Cheers! / KAMPAI!

This duck has been working hard so its time to relax! and WIN!

Sponsored by: 栃木レザー株式会社

Captain Quack!

This parrot has mastered the seas and will master Uzuma river!

Sponsored by: きもの処市川


This duck will be cutting a path to victory and slicing its way to a win!

Sponsored by: 蔵の街遊覧船

Boss Duck

Searching for the next big scoop! This duck is always ready for business!

Sponsored by: 下野新聞社

Statue of Liberty

Standing tall this duck will free itself from the crowd and reach its goal!

Sponsored by: 栃木グランドホテル

Discovery Duck

This duck has travelled the world and seen it all! and now it wants to see the finish line!

Sponsored by: Journey English School

Family Duck

Watch as a proud mother leads her duckling across the finish line.

Sponsored by: 認定こども園さくら

Umbrella Duck

Always prepared no matter what the weather! Nothing can get in this ducks way of succeeding!

Sponsored by: ジャパン・ワールド・リンク株式会社

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Journey English School

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10th Place

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