Pre Event

To combat against Covid-19 please watch the event online.
Please refrain from watching the event at the venue.

To get you hyped for the main event, on the evening of February 20th, we will light up Uzuma River with 3,000 illuminating ducks and fish.
A perfect opportunity to see Uzuma River as you have never seen it before online.


February 20th (Sat) 2021
16:45~  Live Stream starts
17:22~  Release of the ducks!

Start :   (20th, Feb)  4:45PM  –  End : 5:45PM  (Japan Time)

Start :   (20th, Feb)  3:45PM  –  End : 4:45PM  (Singapore Time)

Start :     (20th, Feb)  7:45AM  –  End : 8:45AM  (UK Time)

Start :     (20th, Feb)  2:45AM  –  End : 3:45AM  (NY Time)

Start :     (19th, Feb)  11:45PM  –  End : 0:45AM  (LA Time)

Watch LIVE here!

Please find the recording of the Illumination duck race below!

Please click the image to watch it.