To combat against Covid-19 please watch the event online. Please refrain from watching the event at the venue.

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By purchasing a commemorative badge you will receive an entry ticket to the races!

Main Event

February 27th 2021

February 27th 2021


Tochigi Mayor’s Cup

World Championship (Watch ‘Live’ below)

Business Battle of Character Ducks

Illumination Duck Light Up

Watch the 'World Championship' LIVE here!

Start :   (27th, Feb)  12:45PM  –  End : 2:30PM  (Japan Time)

Start :     (27th, Feb)  11:45AM  –  End : 1:30PM  (Singapore Time)

Start :     (27th, Feb)  3:45AM  –  End : 5:30AM  (UK Time)

Start :     (26th, Feb)  10:45PM  –  End : 0:30AM  (NY Time)

Start :     (26th, Feb)  7:45PM  –  End : 9:30PM  (LA Time)

Click below to watch!

Pre Event

February 20th 2021

Watch LIVE here!

Start :   (20th, Feb)  4:45PM  –  End : 5:45PM  (Japan Time)

Start :   (20th, Feb)  3:45PM  –  End : 4:45PM  (Singapore Time)

Start :     (20th, Feb)  7:45AM  –  End : 8:45AM  (UK Time)

Start :     (20th, Feb)  2:45AM  –  End : 3:45AM  (NY Time)

Start :     (19th, Feb)  11:45PM  –  End : 0:45AM  (LA Time)

Please find the recording of the Illumination duck race in the video below!

Please click the image to watch it.

What’s Tochigi Duck Race
and how did it begin?

Tochigi Duck Race was created by Tochigi Global Group in 2017. The race consists of thousands of toy ducks swimming down Tochigi City’s famous Uzuma River.

It all began with Tochigi Global Group’s leader Nick Harrison, an Englishman and owner of Journey English School in Tochigi City that is proud to call Tochigi City his home for more than 10 years. Nick had a tremendous feeling of wanting to give back to the community which had embraced him and thought what better way than introducing everyone to an event which is much loved in the U.K. An event that people of all ages can enjoy while at the same time showcasing the beauty of Tochigi City.